New York State Registered Apprenticeships and FMCC

Are you someone that appreciates working with your hands, is interested in attending college to increase your education, and enjoys learning technical skills? Maybe you enjoy helping people and would love to get paid as you work. Are you an employer that is seeking to enhance your employee’s skillsets?  If any of the above descriptions fits, perhaps the partnership between the NYS Department of Labor and SUNY, with the goal of increasing the number of individuals in registered apprenticeships, may be an excellent path for you to investigate!

The economy and the world have dramatically changed within the last few decadesHarvard University predicts only 33% of jobs will require a 4 year degree or more. Being a skilled craftsman, technician or becoming a Credentialed Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor are all career areas that are becoming highly valued. Many employers in this area have high paying, highly skilled jobs, with excellent benefits, and no-one to fill them. 

The NYS Apprenticeship program is one way FM is partnering with the Department of Labor and employers to address this need. This program will train workers to become skilled in a particular job title. As an apprentice, you will take college coursework (related instruction), as you receive paid “On- The- Job Training”. Students can also complete their coursework as a Pre-Apprentice first and then finish the “On-the-Job Training” component, as a paid apprentice. The “On – The – Job Training” teaches new skills and enhances the existing skills of individuals, to help employers keep up with the demands of the labor market and new technologies.

There are many benefits for both the employer and the student with this program. The Apprenticeships may pay for most of the cost of the college coursework (related instruction). Students will leave the college withlittle or no student debt. The student will also have the opportunity to learn new and emerging technologies, from school and working industry professionals. Additionally, the student will earn a paycheck once on the job as an apprentice, as they master the skills needed to progress in their career. 

      Some apprenticeship job titles, with the corresponding FM course subject areas are:

  • Electro-Mechanical Technician – Related Instruction at FM from the Elect Tech program
  • HVAC Mechanic – Related Instruction at FM from the HVAC certificate program
  • Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor– Related Instruction at FM from the Human Service program and also in the process earn what you need to become a credentialed CASAC
  • Direct Support Professional– Related Instruction at FM from the Human Service degree and courses additional classes in Psychology, English, Stress Management and computers.

The DOL is always open to considering new titles. Most recently, they have added Cyber-Security and IT titles they are funding through the SUNY grant.  

Success in the new economy is as much about acquiring the knowledge, skills and abilities needed for in-demand occupations, as it is to be well educated. Education combined with the proper “On-The-Job- Training” is how you ultimately can secure a competitive advantage in the workplace. FMCC is in the ideal position to provide tomorrow’s workforce the formal education, applied technical skills and assistance with securing the “On- The- Job-Training”. All of this will enable you to have the specific preparation for sustainable employment in your chosen area.